Roy Sekoff On GOP Dilemma: Tea Party Delivers Both 'The Energy And The Crazy' (VIDEO)

Roy Sekoff appeared on "The Ed Show" Thursday to discuss the Tea Party's response to the tragic shootings in Tucson last weekend.

When host Ed Schultz referenced a statement from Tucson's Tea Party leader, which suggested Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords should have been more prepared for the attack by bringing security to her event, Sekoff replied, "The one-word response is wince."

"What we've seen from the Tea Party and Sarah Palin is that they excel at playing the victim," Sekoff said. "The danger there is that since they feel so victimized, they're just going to get louder, and they're going to ratchet it out, and they're going to make more outrageous comments like we've seen right there."

Sekoff explained that the popularity of the Tea Party movement exemplifies the divide between traditional conservative values and the radical right currently at work within the Republican party. "This really speaks to the identity crisis the GOP is facing right now," he said.

Sekoff continued, "The energy and the dynamism is really with the Tea Party, but so is all the crazy and the outrage. And that's where the danger lies."


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