Roy Sekoff On Obama's Victory Lap: Unemployment Makes It Hard To Bask In The Win (VIDEO)

Huffington Post Editor Roy Sekoff was a guest on MSNBC's "The Ed Show" tonight, along with Democratic strategist Bob Shrum, to discuss President Obama closing out the year with a string of legislative victories.

While Sekoff acknowledged that Obama does indeed deserve to take a victory lap, he noted that it's difficult to truly celebrate with unemployment stubbornly staying near ten percent.

Here's the problem. Remember what Nancy Pelosi said after the election? She said when you've got 9.5 unemployment, it's an eclipsing event. That's the problem, Ed. When you've got got 27 million people out of work or underemployed. and when you have foreclosures still rampaging along, and you've got this war spinning out of control in Afghanistan, it's hard to bask in the glow of that thing. And I think that's the problem the President faces.