Roy Talks Social Media Journalism On Bloomberg (VIDEO)

Roy stopped by Bloomberg TV Wednesday night to chat about "the brave new world" of journalism in the age of social media. Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms impact the way news breaks and as Roy noted, it's not always a positive impact.

"It's the balancing act," he said. We all feel the need to be "in the know" at all times, Roy added, but often times that comes with the problem that incorrect information is too quickly disemminated.

"But not always by the new media," Roy noted. "The traditional media very often are the ones who are getting it wrong."

Asked if misinformation is spread because of the "need for speed," Roy answered in the affirmative. The pressure each media outlet faces to be first, he said, is what causes the rapid dissemination of false information. Media companies also don't want to be outscooped by Twitter, Roy noted.

"As long as you're transparent about it, that's where we're at," he said. One of the functions of the so-called "new media," according to Roy, is to hold the old media's "feet to the fire," but there isn't such a clear demarcation anymore, he noted.

"Overall, I would say that more voices is better for all of us," he added. Technology will be different even a year from now, Roy noted, and in the future, it will be about the "democratization of the media."

Watch the clip below: