Roy Sekoff: The Right Has Decided To Double Down On The Crazy (VIDEO)

Roy Sekoff: The Right Has Decided To Double Down On The Crazy (VIDEO)
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HuffPost editor Roy Sekoff appeared on "The Ed Show" Wednesday evening to talk about the Republican Party's political tactics.

Rather than learning from their defeat on health care reform and course-correcting, Sekoff argued that the GOP has doubled down on the crazy--and their divisive strategy. "I mean we saw from the very beginning, their playbook on health care has been two things. It's been fear-mongering and untruths. And this attack on Representative Dingell is the perfect blend of both of these things. It's this crazy fear-mongering that they want to take over your health care, they want to take over your government. It's the socialism... they have not learned the lesson of their defeat and course corrected. Instead, they're going all in."

Asked whether Democrats have anything to gain by appearing on Fox News, Sekoff said that he hates to think of guests preaching to their respective choirs, but that some of the imagery used by the right has crossed the line and hurt political debate. "I wouldn't want to have this kind of thing where we just go to our corners and don't come out fighting. I think it's a good exercise to really exchange ideas and be open to them, But not this kind of crazy bomb throwing, you know with imagery of Nancy Pelosi standing in front of a fire, and this gun imagery."

Sekoff told Schultz that he believes Obama learned from the Massachusetts Senate race and dropped his "obsession" with bipartisanship. He thinks that eventually the Republican Party will be revealed for what they are, "a party of no ideas, no solutions, at a time when we need them most."


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