Roy Wood Jr. Gives His Twisted Take On What Is And Isn't A Christmas Movie

"The Daily Show" comedian's unusual opinions on "Home Alone" and "Frosty the Snowman" might be the gift you'll use.

Roy Wood Jr. has some ideas about what is and isn’t a Christmas movie that might make you spit out your popcorn. (Watch the clip below.)

In a video posted Friday by “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah,” correspondent Wood offered twisted takes on holiday classics — and on a few unexpected films, too.

“Home Alone” rates a no as Christmas cinema. It’s “a movie about child abandonment and a neglectful mother,” Wood said. ”‘Home Alone’ is basically white people ‘Precious.’”

“Frosty the Snowman” (a half-hour TV special from 1969) gets a no, as well. “This is not a Christmas movie,” Wood proclaimed. “It’s a movie about global warming. Frosty melts at the end of that movie.”

Wait till you hear what he thinks of “The Revenant,” “Remember the Titans” and “Cool Runnings.”

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