Royal Ascot 2013 Brings Out Stylish Royals (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Royals Hit Up The Royal Ascot In Style

The awesome hat event -- er, Royal Ascot is here!

Each year, we look forward to seeing royals and commoners alike donning their finest headgear and smart attire to watch five days of horse-racing in the small town of Ascot. While most folks consider this an occasion to place bets on which stallion will come out on top, we prefer to focus on which royal will take the sartorial lead. (To be fair, people did place bets on the color of the queen's hat.)

Joined by Prince Charles and Camilla, Queen Elizabeth II arrived by carriage in a pale pink suit and hat. Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, burgeoning style stars, wore muted striped ensembles by RED Valentino and Nerida Fraiman fascinators. Of course, with the Royal Ascot's dress code assistants laying down the law, all of the royals and nobles in attendance made sure to keep their midriffs covered and their hat bases to 4 inches in diameter (yes, really).

So who won the first day of Ascot styling? Check out the notable attendees below and tell us your pick!


Royal Ascot - Day 1

Royals Attend The 2013 Royal Ascot

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