The Royal Baby Is Due Any Day Now — But When? We Investigate.

Many experts predict the baby will arrive in late April.

Forget about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle — their wedding isn’t until May. That’s weeks away!

Here at HuffPost, we like to focus on the here and now, and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, is about to give birth to royal baby No. 3 in 3 … 2 …

We’re just kidding! She’s probably not going to give birth to Mary/Alice/Victoria/Albert/Arthur/Fred/#3/ Beyoncé this very moment, but it should happen very, very soon — like this month soon. In October, Kensington Palace ‏confirmed the duchess’ due date was in April.

The month is already halfway through, so we’ve decided to gather all the information we can about the due date so you can place bets have your gifts of flowers and hand-sewn quilts delivered to St. Mary’s Hospital’s Lindo Wing in London in time for the little one’s birth.

Predictions (kind of) based on math:

Kensington Palace announced that the duchess was pregnant on Sep. 4, 2017. According to People magazine, she was less than three months pregnant at the time, and the announcement came early because she was suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum ― a condition that involves severe nausea, vomiting, weight loss and dehydration for expectant mothers (she also reportedly had the condition during her two other pregnancies).

The palace also announced in October that the 36-year-old would go on maternity leave on March 22 to prepare for the baby, so based on that (vague) information, it could be any day now!

Predictions from royal experts:

Many royal experts believe the Duchess of Cambridge will complete her trifecta of mini royals on April 29 (the royal couple’s wedding anniversary) or April 23 (St. George’s Day).

Why do these experts believe these are the due dates? Because of temporary parking restrictions at the hospital where the duchess will be giving birth, which began on April 9 and are set to expire on April 30. But the predictions can also be partly chalked up to a little scientific theory called “wishful thinking.”

Prediction based on the baby’s astrological sign:

If the baby is born anytime in late April or early May, the baby is going to be a Taurus — and boy, are they stubborn. Sure, astrology isn’t based on any real science, but horoscopes are published in numerous newspapers and news websites, so roll with us for a bit.

If this baby is true to the Taurus sign, the duchess probably won’t give birth until June. And then it will have Taurus’d itself into an entirely different sign and we’re dealing with a Gemini ― and really, who knows when you’re dealing with two different personalities?

Predictions based on our Magic 8-Ball:

“Ask again later.”

Predictions based on our Magic 8-Ball, shaken one more time:

“Reply hazy try again.”

And, to be honest, that sounds pretty accurate!

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