7 Royal Baby Name Top Contenders

Yay! It’s a girl. Now that the new royal daughter is here, we can focus completely on her name. Will it be Alice, a favorite with bookmakers? Diana, the crowd-pleasing choice? Elizabeth, the most royal name of all? Or maybe something completely different? Here, the seven top contenders:

Alexander was said to be the Duchess of Cambridge’s first choice for her older son’s name, which ended up in middle place. So her preference may predominate this time with Alexandra as a first name for a daughter. There was a Queen Alexandra, consort of Edward VII, who ruled in the early 20th century. Queen Elizabeth II and several other royals bear Alexandra as a middle name.

The name of Queen Victoria’s second daughter, the princess who shocked her mother by breastfeeding her baby, is a favorite with Britain’s betting public. Alice is a sweet and pretty classic that is currently considered ultra-stylish in England, where it’s in the Top 50, and is also rising in popularity in the U.S. Alice is the name of Prince Philip’s mother, Prince William’s great-grandmother.

Charlotte would be a top pick for the name of a little princess. It’s a feminization of Charles, the name of the baby’s grandfather, and is also related to the name of Catherine’s mother, Carole -- plus it's the middle name of Catherine's sister, Pippa. Queen Charlotte was the cultivated wife of George III, who also had a daughter named Charlotte. Runner-up is another Charles feminization: Caroline.

Diana would be a crowd-pleasing favorite, though it’s unlikely to be a choice that pleases the Royal Family. Diana is the name of the Roman moon goddess, also goddess of the hunt. And of course the name of Prince William’s mother.

It seems a no-brainer that Elizabeth, the name of the current queen and the baby’s great-grandmother (as well as that of her great-GREAT-grandmother), would be in there somewhere. But in first, second, third, or even fourth place? Elizabeth is also the Duchess’s middle name.

Mary is a so-far-out-it’s-in vintage choice, one of our favorites had the couple’s first child been a girl. We think Mary may suit their taste for traditional-with-a-twist. With George, they’ve shown they’re not afraid to dust off a once-fusty name, and they may similarly polish up the image of Mary. Mary was the name of two reigning queens and of three daughters of reigning monarchs; it’s one of Queen Elizabeth’s middle names.

One of the most likely choices, Victoria is the name of one of the most famous queens in British history, who ruled through most of the 19th century. While embodying history and strength, the name continues to feel contemporary, a la friend of the royals Victoria Beckham. But don’t look for her to be nicknamed Tori, or even Vicki.

Inspiration Behind Celebrity Baby Name Choices