Royal Baby Silver Coins To Be Distributed To Babies Born On The Same Day As The New Prince Or Princess (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Kate Middleton and Prince William aren't the only parents who will get to celebrate the Royal Baby's birth. In fact children born in the United Kingdom on the same day as that bundle of joy will receive a "lucky" silver coin from The Royal Mint.

According to CNN, the souvenir will be marked with the year 2013 and the shield of the Royal Arms. There will only be 2,013 of them minted and parents will have to register their baby's birth certificate through The Royal Mint's Facebook page to receive a free one.

Middleton is expected to give birth any day now, and this is just one way people are celebrating the event. Companies all over the world have prepared souvenirs including rompers, dining sets and yes, even barf bags.

Watch the video about to learn more about the silver coin and be sure to click through our slidshow to get your hands on one of these memorable tokens.

Royal Baby Souvenirs

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