Royal College of Art: Meet the Students (VIDEO)

Those who wonder why London continues to be such an important influencer on the global creative industry are no longer left guessing.

With a three-part series at one of London's most prestigious art and design schools, the Royal College of Art, aims to find out how the upcoming fashion MA graduate show will once again breathe fresh air into the city's avant-garde atmosphere.

Whilst design schools aim to be the birthplace for creative innovation, students are urged to push the boundaries of design conventions and conquer a place in the industry's top tier of next generation designers. Even though the students are taught to understand the importance of a commercially viable product, the freedom offered pushes them to create a collection not bound to seasonal guidelines but an elaboration of true craftsmanship. Moreover, the true merit of working in an environment such as the Royal College is the possibility of cross-pollination from one department to another. The rare collaborations between footwear and jewellery design students as well as the meeting of millinery with the vehicle design is a privilege less easily obtained once released into the industry.

During this first episode, we meet students Benedicte Holmboe (menswear knitwear), Hannah Morgan (millinery), Tariq Mahmoud (menswear, footwear), Louise van Hauen (womenswear, accessories), Rajinder Johal (womenswear) and Hiroaki Kanai (menswear) at the college to talk about their design approach, their development throughout the course and how they plan to handle the challenge ahead.

Text by Seyna Van Der Linden for App now available for Nokia devices from the OVI Store