Royal New Year's Banquet Includes Some Terrible Dresses, Shiny Crowns (PHOTOS)

C'mon, ladies. You can do better than that.

We love a good royal ball, but we hate creased dresses made of heavy satin that flatter no one.

Alas, often these things coincide. On New Year's Day, Queen Margrethe of Denmark held a special New Year's Banquet at the Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen, just as she did last year. The main difference from last year's event: in 2013, the fashion was seriously lackluster.

At 71 years old, Queen Margrethe can wear whatever she damn well pleases -- she's a dress-designing, chain-smoking, multilingual rockstar in our book, so we'll love her in anything. But Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, one of Europe's most stylish princesses, showed up in a detailed, off-the-shoulder orange gown with an extra layer of orange material cascading from the waist. We can't tell for sure if it's satin or taffeta or what, but it was certainly... shiny.

Mary was out-shined by Princess Marie Agathe Odile of Denmark, her sister-in-law. Marie wore an even glossier magenta gown with long sleeves and an impressive ruffled train, visible when she turned to walk up the palace steps.

We love the Danish royal family, but between the bright crinkly dresses and the tiaras, this was like Princesses Go To '80s Prom.

Here's to a new year with much better royal fashion choices. Check out the dresses below.

 Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary of Denmark

Denmark Royalty Celebrates New Year's 2013

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