Royal Oaks Abandoned Puppies Dumped At Recycling Plant (PHOTOS)

On Wednesday, Monterey County SPCA officers came upon a tragic scene--six Australian Shepherd mix puppies found abandoned at a recycling plant in Royal Oaks.

"The puppies, approximately 2 1/2 months old, were hungry, dehydrated, flea-infested, and suffering from foxtails and worms," said the SPCA in a press release. "Tire tracks found on the property lead Humane Officers to believe that the suspect drove to the fence line and tossed the puppies over. Evidence at the scene suggests that the puppies were abandoned very recently."

The SPCA is offering a $500 reward for any tips leading to the discovery of the heartless puppy-abandoner. If you have any info, please call (831) 373-2631.

Happily, the pups are now safe, sound and waiting for someone to give them a good home. Sadly, the list to adopt them has already stretched around the kennel. Don't be discouraged, though: the Monterey County SPCA still has a lot of other dogs looking for new homes.

Check out this slideshow of the newly rescued puppies and head to the SPCA's website to put your name on an adoption list.