'Royal Pains': Paige Learns She Was Adopted (VIDEO)

A major surprise opened up plenty of new storyline potential for "Royal Pains" (Wed., 9 p.m. ET on USA). Paige was looking into the woman she was certain was her father's mistress. But she found out that her mother knew this woman all too well. Not because she was her husband's mistress, but because she was helping the couple with the adoption.

Paige's adoption.

"I didn’t know you were adopted," Evan said in surprise.

"Neither did I," Paige said, with tears in her eyes.

It was certainly an unexpected development, but one TVFanatic feels could be very good for the show. A reviewer for the site wrote, "If Paige goes looking for her birth parents, we're in for a storyline the writers might actually care to follow through on!"

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