'Royal Pains' Premiere: Frances Conroy Is A Wealthy Socialite Who Wants To Shut HankMed Down (VIDEO)

Frances Conroy joined the cast of "Royal Pains" with the Season 5 premiere, but she's not likely to make any friends at HankMed any time soon. She portrays Blythe Ballard, a wealthy socialite who apparently had a hand in starting the Hamptons. She also proved quite a stickler for the rules.

After Evan saw her fall from a ladder, Hanks stepped in and was able to fix her injured arm. As thanks, she told him that HankMed was a detriment to the region, dumping hazardous medical waste and running a business with more than two employees out of a residence.

She dropped by a charity even with a surprise for the brothers. "This is a cease and desist order," she told Evan, handing him the document.

TV Fanatic wrote that they had lost faith in "Royal Pains," but the premiere managed to suck them back in. They loved the idea of a storyline featuring a Hamptons socialite looking to take down HankMed.

Conroy's particularly sharp combination of grandmotherly gentility and cold-eyed malice will make for a nice series of curveballs for HankMed," wrote Entertainment Weekly of Conroy's addition to the cast.

Let the challenge commence on "Royal Pains," Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on USA.

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