'Royal Pains' Summer Finale: A Proposal Isn't The Only Explosive Development In The Hamptons (VIDEO)

An emotional climax and an explosive one highlighted this season finale of "Royal Pains." The relationship between Evan and Paige has been one of the sweetest on television, evolving both naturally and beautifully for both characters. So fans were likely as overjoyed as Paige when Evan shared with her a big decision he'd come to.

"Paige Collins, I want to marry you," he told her. "And I want to do it as soon as humanly possible."

It was a sweet moment, and definitely promises a lavish event to come. How can it not be in the Hamptons? But proposals weren't the only thing rocking the Hamptons in this finale. Out of nowhere, Boris' mansion exploded. That should certainly create ripples in HankMed's world!

Viewers won't have to wait until 2013 to find out how it ends, either. "Royal Pains" is picking up the story with their first-ever winter setting for the holiday two-hour movie "Royal Pains: Off-Season Greetings." According to Deadline, the action picks up several months later and features a snowstorm, a reunion of old friends and the wedding of Evan and Paige.

"Royal Pains" has not been picked up for a fifth season USA as of this posting, but tune in for "Royal Pains: Off-Season Greetings on Sunday, December 16.

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