'Royal Pains' Webisodes: Exclusive Sneak Peek At 'Evan's Campaign Chronicles' (VIDEO)

"Royal Pains" is getting the webisode treatment with "Evan's Campaign Chronicles," and we've got the exclusive sneak peek at the first interactive installment, above.

As Evan R. Lawson (Paulo Costanzo) is working on his campaign on the show this season (Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on USA), we'll get to see even more of his journey to win a seat on the Hamptons Village Council ... and it's not looking good so far.

The new five-episode "Royal Pains" websiodes series kicks off with Evan asking the HankMed staff to back him with their votes. As they go out on the campaign trail, viewers can play along and help them diagnose patients. There's also a chance to win a Hamptons vacation and a trip to the "Royal Pains" set.

This will all culminate in the fifth and final webisode, directed by Costanzo, which will feature a giant musical number with all of the show's cast, including Costanzo, Mark Feuerstein, Reshma Shetty, Ben Shenkman and Brooke D’Orsay.

From USA:

As season five continues, Hank is still recuperating from brain surgery and finds that the doctor is becoming the patient. With their Hamptons medical concierge service, HankMed, busier than ever and Boris' (recurring guest star Campbell Scott) finally returning to the landscape, Hank finds himself relying on Jeremiah (new series regular Ben Shenkman) in a very surprising way. Evan’s rescue of an influential neighbor (recurring guest star Frances Conroy) has unexpected consequences for his future as she tries to take away HankMed’s license to work out of Shadow Pond. Evan decides to runs for City Council to thwart her plans. Paige’s (Brooke D’Orsay) work at an auction house gives her an eye-opening look into Boris' estate. A newly single Divya (Reshma Shetty) finds her plan to focus solely on work hitting an unexpected snag –- she is pregnant! And a change in ownership at Hampton’s Heritage Hospital with new administrator Shelby (recurring guest star Laura Benanti) brings new complications for HankMed.

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