Florida Barbershop Owner Finds Awesome Way To Shape Up Customers Inside And Out

Florida Barbershop Offers Way More Than Just Haircuts

Most men go to the barbershop and expect to come out with a fresh cut. But one Florida barbershop is making sure each of its customer are leaving with way more than a new head of hair.

An array of books line the wall inside Royal Touch Barbershop, a salon where education is valued as highly as great hair.

Reggie Ross, the Palm Beach County barbershop owner, spoke with WPTV about why he chose to transform his barbershop into a pseudo-library.

“The barbershop is based on men coming together grooming each other to become better men, and I think books and education is a part of that.”

Young customers are encouraged to read books while they wait, and sometimes aloud to Ross while getting a haircut. His hope is to advance literacy amongst young black males in his community -- a county where just over 60 percent of black students graduate from high school.

Thus far, Royal Touch Barbershop’s operation seems to have had a positive effect on its clientele.

“Every time I leave the barbershop I feel like I was in school learning something," one customer told the station. "Plus I feel like a new person with a fresh haircut.”

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