Royal Wedding Barf Bags Made By Graphic Designer Lydia Leith (PHOTOS)

Sick of all of the Royal Wedding coverage? Can't take one more article on what Kate Middleton will wear? On who's making the commemorative china? On whether it'll be screened in 3-D?

Then does graphic designer Lydia Leith have quite the treasure for you! Introducing the Royal Wedding Sick Bag -- something to keep handy come April 29.

Leith told us via email: "The bags are just a bit of fun, a sort of antidote to the hysteria surrounding the wedding -- I'm not an anti-monarchist in the slightest! It started out as a joke around the dinner table and I made them expecting to sell a handful to friends and family but it seems there is a much greater demand." Indeed there is! Apparently, the first batch sold out very quickly.

Leith added, "I'm a fan of Royal memorabilia myself and I just thought it would be a lighthearted addition to what's available to commemorate the day."

Check out her hysterical creations, which you can order here.