No, The Royal Wedding Church Staff Wasn't Told To Watch 'Suits'

The captain of the Lay Stewards says his joke was misquoted by a stringer he was trying to avoid at a party.
Looks like someone made a royal mistake. 
Looks like someone made a royal mistake. 

Rumors have been circulating that stewards working Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding were told to watch Markle’s TV show “Suits.”

This isn’t true, y’all.

The Daily Mail, and other outlets who picked up its story, reported that the Lay Stewards at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Chapel ― where the royal wedding is happening in May ― were told to watch Markle’s “USA Network show to familiarize themselves with the guest list.

The Lay Stewards’ job at the chapel is to assist at Sunday services. They’re often on duty during special events ― such as royal birthdays, funerals and, of course, weddings.

“I’ve told the Stewards to get Netflix and watch ‘Suits,’ so they know who everyone is at the wedding,” said Hugo Vickers, the captain of the Lay Stewards, according to the Daily Mail.

Except Vickers told HuffPost that this was merely a joke.

“I said it as a joke at a party,” Vickers told us via email, adding that the quote was picked up by a stringer he “spent most of the evening avoiding.”

“No one knows the date of the wedding, or who will be involved. No one from the Mail checked the story, so I did not ‘confirm’ anything,” Vickers said. “I should have been more careful.”

Vickers added that the Lay Stewards “do a good job and they do not court publicity.”

“I myself have binged on ‘Suits’ for some weeks to get to know Meghan Markle and so I can recognise the characters and being stars, they would expect to be recognised,” he wrote.

Vickers also told us that he’s currently finishing a pamphlet titled “The Crown ― Truth and Fiction” that is slated to be released next week.

The premise? Pointing out what is true and what is false within the royal family.



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