Royal Wedding vs. Kim Kardashian's Wedding: By The Numbers (PHOTOS)

The Royal Wedding vs Kim Kardashian's Wedding: By The Numbers

As we get closer and closer to the royal wedding anniversary, we start to wax nostalgic about another nuptial that took television by storm: the short-lived Kim Kardashian-Kris Humphries wedding extravaganza.

Although seemingly incomparable at first thought, both weddings turned into enormously expensive celebrity circuses that broke television records. Expectedly, the royal couple delivered the pomp and circumstance of a British affair, while their American counterparts delivered the drama and glitz that we've come to expect from the Kardashian clan. But which wedding was the most extravagant?

Here's how the two weddings stack up against each other:

The Ring
RW: The ring was purchased by Prince Charles for $60,000 in 1981, but it was technically free for the newlyweds since the 18-carat sapphire stunner was purchased for Princess Diana first.
KK: Kim’s 20.5-carat engagement ring cost $2 million, but Humphries reportedly received a hefty discount.

The Dress
RW: Kate wore an Alexander McQueen gown that cost $434,000.
KK: Vera Wang designed Kim's wedding dress plus two other dresses worth a total of $60,000 free of charge.

The Venue
RW: Fortunately for the royal couple, Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace come free with the title.
KK: The Hollywood couple also didn’t have to pay for their venue, receiving free rental on Montecito’s Sotto Il Monte estate.

The Flowers
RW: The Queen and Prince Charles foot the bill for the $800,000 flower arrangements the two venues.
KK: The couple spent a whopping $2 million for the flowers that adorned their locale.

The Catering
RW: Since the palace already has a full-time catering and event staff, there was no additional charge for the food. The A-list guests noshed on canapés.
KK: Caviar and Kobe beef burgers were on the catering menu served by Wolfgang Puck, who we're also guessing offered up his services gratis.

The Cake
RW: There were two cakes, a fruitcake and a chocolate biscuit cake for William, costing $80,000 courtesy of Prince Charles.
KK: The $20,000 black and white cake was, you guessed it, also free from Hansen’s Bakery.

Total Price Tag
RW: $34 million
KK: $20 million

Length of Marriage:
RW: Still going strong!
KK: 72 days

While Kate Middleton showed us that good things come to those who wait (going from commoner to princess: priceless), Kim's second attempt at matrimony wasn't so successful. Let’s hope Kim K and Kanye make it to the aisle -- third time’s a charm!

Now that you're armed with some data, how do you think the two costly nuptials compare?

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