This Is What 'Royals' Would Sound Like From A 30-Year-Old

'Royals,' Except For 30-Year-Olds

Sure, Lorde has been lucky enough to see enormous success before reaching voting age. Her hit "Royals" is one of the most popular songs on the charts, and her unabashed independent spirit is an inspiration for many young women.

But to some others, "Royals" is only a reminder that the inevitable march of time only gets more frustrating the longer it goes. Molly Dworsky is one such woman who hears Lorde sing and only thinks about how much time has passed since she was her age -- and it doesn't help that Dworsky's high school mascot were the Royals. Frankly, adulthood isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Check out Dworsky's parody of "Royals" (sung under the name Borde) from the perspective of someone closer to 30 than 16, lamenting songs that were "written by a kid I probably used to babysit / Killing it by puberty while I can barely stay fit."

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