Royksopp Release 'Shores Of Easy' And 'In This Shirt' Remix (AUDIO)

Norwegian duo Royksopp gave us two things yesterday, but it felt more like five things. Our "happy little gnomes" (their words, not mine) took to their website to release two new tracks on Thursday, totaling almost 25 minutes of music.

First up, we have an edit/remix, a form Royksopp always handles skillfully, adding enough of their touch but not so much that it dominates the song (Exhibit A: This Kings of Convenience remix). Their remix of The Irrepressibles' "In This Shirt" adds le Royksopp touch just as gently.

Next, we have what they do even better -- making a song of their own. "Shores of Easy," clocking in at one second shy of 14 minutes, is more of the ambient-dream Royksopp, and less of the dark evil twin Royksopp we got on Senior. The band gives us one warning -- this is "not indicative of things to come" -- and one guideline for listening to it: "This track is best served when calm." STAY CALM, OK?

LISTEN to "Shores of Easy":

LISTEN to "In This Shirt":

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