Rubber Alien Hoax Gets Chinese Man 'Mr. Li' Arrested (PHOTOS)

LOOK: Man Arrested For Creating Fake Rubber Alien

A Chinese farmer who claimed he had electrocuted an extraterrestrial and put it in his freezer for safe-keeping is now in the cooler himself.

The farmer, whose name is only being given as "Mr. Li," posted photos online of the alleged alien discovery, but was quickly arrested by police in the Shandong province for "fabrications" that "disturbed the public order," the Telegraph reported.

Li previously claimed that he ran into five aliens on the banks of the Yellow River three months ago and one of them was supposedly killed by a high-voltage electric fence Li had laid to catch wild rabbits, he said.

However, after the authorities visited him, Li confessed that he made the fake E.T. out of rubber, chicken wire and glue in order to mislead his countrymen about the existence of aliens, reported.

The police also felt compelled to point out that the body of Li's fake alien was "made up of high quality rubber," Fox News reported.

Although Li admitted the alien was a hoax, some UFO conspiracy theorists are convinced it is real and are trying to connect it with another alleged UFO sighting around the Hubei Province, Yahoo Australia reported.

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Man Jailed For Rubber Alien

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