Rube Goldberg Machine Makes Postcards... Slowly (VIDEO)

People don't often get around to sending postcards anymore. You write it by hand, you stamp it, you drop it off, you wait for it to be delivered... we'd be done writing an email in the time it takes to even describe the process! But when we spied this Rube Goldberg machine by design studio HEY HEY HEY over at Colossal, we realized this might be the thing that makes postcard writing fun again.

Rube Goldberg machines are contraceptions that master the art of inefficiency, creating the most absurd, laborious, roundabout ways of completing a simple task. OK GO brought them into the broader public eye with this music video. HEY HEY HEY's elaborate mechanism creates and stamps the perfect postcard. And it all fits inside a compact suitcase, so you can write to your loved ones from wherever your travels lead you. Could it be any more twee? No, it could not.

Got a hankering for some more Rube Goldberg contraptions? We can help.