Ruben West, The Vision Breakthrough Expert

Ruben West, The Vision Breakthrough Expert
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Ruben West has exceptional leadership abilities and a substantial set of communication skills. These are not the only elements that distinguish him as “The Vision Breakthrough Expert.” West has the insurmountable ability to leverage every personal, financial, political and social revelation into universally appealing mastery programs. Ruben West is a self-discovery aggregator, who launches from each revelation to the next, creating programs and seminars that entertain, inform and inspire thousands.

Ruben West was born in Topeka Kansas. His original passion was to use his criminal justice degree with an emphasis on juvenile corrections, to make a difference in the lives of youth. While working at the correctional facilities, he realized they have a specific way of doing things. He understood their methods but didn’t relate to them. To push forward his agenda of developing leadership abilities within the local youth, West founded a martial arts school to empower both youth adults. He wanted to teach much more than just developing martial arts skills. His purpose was to help them to maximize their potential and exceed their own expectations. Ruben West's impact on youth and adult lives was codified in 2005 when he was inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame as Instructor of the Year.

By the late 80s, he recognized his ability to help others realize and achieve their dreams. West's life was forever changed by his experience serving as an Army soldier in Operation Desert Shield/Storm with a surgical technician job specialty. He was shocked to discover that his military profession was not locally established in civilian life. Instinctively, West expanded his training and networked with others to create a “Surgical First Assistant” or Surgical Technician profession in the state of Kansas. West co-authored the related textbook and other training materials including a school for Surgical Assisting.

“Everything you want is on the other side of your communication,” says Ruben West. The mindset required to sustain his progress through various milestones and pitfalls of these ventures developed a regimen of rigorous personal development. West also shared, “People who are successful are not successful because of their resources, they are successful because of their resourcefulness, their ability to keep going and drive to their goal."

Ruben West - Speaker, Published Author, Success Coach and Trainer, Created “RubenWest360” ( It is an ever-expanding introduction to his programs which include:

Ruben West Coaching

Ruben West Speaking

Black Belt Speakers Team

The Full-Time Speaker Formula –

Originating from the premise that we all have a personal or signature speaking style, Ruben begins with an assessment similar to Myers-Briggs’ personality profiling. This evaluation reveals a person’s inherent speaking style, prompting the genuine and authentic speaking voice to emerge. Most fall into one of 5 categories; the Drill Sergeant, the Comedian, the Scientist, the Motivator or the “Heart-Center.” This helps individuals understand who they are as a communicator and what they must do to enhance their speaking skills. It also helps people dispose of the box they think they should fit in as a speaker, resulting in a more comfortable and authentic speaker.

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