Rubicon Property Helps Charity:Water Build Wells In Africa

NY Real Estate Firm Helps Bring Clean Drinking Water To Africa

When clients step into Rubicon Property's Upper West Side storefront next month, they'll find literature on hot Manhattan apartments right next to the pamphlets about building wells in Africa.

Even before Rubicon started making a profit when it launched a little over a year ago, it was already donating money to charity:water, a nonprofit that provides potable water to people in developing countries, according to The New York Times. Now, every three months, the company funds at least one $5,000 well through the organization, reports.

"It ties in with so much of the ethos of the age we live in right now, where the world has gotten smaller and smaller, but the problems have gotten bigger and bigger," Rubicon CEO and co-founder Jason Haber told the news outlet.

Rubicon said the company's philanthropic arm helps set his company apart when it comes to recruiting both brokers and clients.

"It's part of our firm DNA," he told The New York Times.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story stated that Rubicon opened its doors in 2010. The company launched a little over a year ago.

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