Berlusconi Embroiled In Prostitution Scandal

UPDATE: Further reports state that Ruby, the aspiring model making allegations against Berlusconi, did not indicate she had sexual relations with him, only that she went to his villa for parties and received gifts. The Telegraph reports that there are no charges facing either party.

Italian Prime minister Silvio Berlusconi is being accused of giving a cash "gift" to Ruby, the moniker given to a teenage Moroccan model coming forth with the allegations, the Italian press is reporting. (Read the Google translation here.) The newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano is reporting that Ruby claims to have received 30,000 euro from the 74-year-old prime minister.

Ruby, who is not yet 18, reports that she visited multiple parties at Berlusconi's home last year. She has claimed that their encounters took place in Berlusconi's villa in Arcore, a city outside of Milan, according to the Dallas Blog. The PM has been accused of similar events before, including an alleged affair last year with Noemi Letizia, an aspiring model, after he attended her eighteenth birthday party and gave her an expensive necklace. Berlusconi denied the affair.

The allegations are also being compared with the scandal over Patrizia D'Addario, a call girl who claimed to have been paid to sleep with Berlusconi.

Ruby's allegations emerged after she was picked up by the police for not having a residency permit after being thrown out of an apartment she shared with a roommate in Milan. She asked for leniency because of her connection with Berlusconi, and then made the claims of sexual relations, reports the Telegraph. Investigating magistrates warn that "her accounts were sometimes contradictory and that she had made claims which she subsequently retracted," the Telegraph noted.

Berlusconi denies the affair, saying through a lawyer that, "alleged statements made by 'Ruby' in relation to events at the home of Berlusconi are completely unfounded," reports the First Post.