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Bunch Of Grapes Sells For Nearly $11,000, Because Nothing Makes Sense Anymore

The grapes are the size of ping pong balls and "very sweet."

Just when we thought we’d heard it all, we heard that a bunch of grapes sold for nearly $11,000 at an auction in Japan this week.

Yes, the buyer ― a shop owner, according to The Guardian ― could have bought a very nice used car for what he reportedly spent on just 30 Ruby Roman grapes. The Ruby Roman, like many fruits, is seen as a status symbol in Japan and commonly fetches high prices at auction.

Known for its robust shape and “sweet,” “balanced” and “fresh” flavor, the Ruby Roman is a summer treat that’s valuable in more ways than one. Grapes may reduce obesity risk and protect eye health, and they certainly pack a nutritious punch.

But $11,000 for a bunch of grapes? Maybe we’ll stick with our cheap wine instead.

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