Mom Enlists The Internet's Help After Little Girl Loses Her Stuffed Rabbit In London

A little girl in the U.K. has lost her stuffed rabbit -- and she needs your help to find him.

The Jellycat stuffed animal goes by the name of Mr. Rabbit and belongs to his best friend, 3-year-old Ruby. Mom Zoe Stewart wrote on her personal blog that the family left Flat Iron Steak restaurant in London with the bunny on the night of November 16, but sometime later that evening, the toy disappeared.

Once mom realized that Mr. Rabbit was missing, she turned to the online community for help.

"Now, I know what your [sic] thinking… It’s just a teddy, replace it and she’ll never know," mom wrote. But "he was there when she was in hospital, he was there when she had chicken pox, her first tooth, the first time she fell and skint her knee or bumped her head. He’s seen it all."

"His neck has no stuffing left from being hugged so much so flops to one side and his ears smell like Olbas Oil," she added, by way of further description.

She said that Ruby has had the stuffed toy since right after she was born -- and wrote on Facebook that the little girl has been crying herself to sleep.

Zoe has used social media to try to get the word out about her daughter's beloved friend.

On Instagram:

On Twitter:

And on a Facebook page with more than 2,000 fans:

The stuffed animal is even listed in the Teddy Bear Cuddly Toy Lost and Found.

Some Facebook commenters have offered their own stuffed bunnies, but Zoe and her daughter Ruby aren't giving up on locating the real thing.

“I think the whole of the U.K. is looking for him,” Stewart told ABC. Hopefully, not in vain.

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