Coffee Shop Customer Delivers ‘Obnoxious’ Table Neighbors A Delicious Lesson

"I could see the waiters were really annoyed but you know with a job on the line they can’t do much."

Raise your morning cup of joe to this tasty act of petty revenge.

When recently faced with “loud and rude” people sitting next to him at a coffee shop in Paris, information security consultant Khalil Sehnaoui‏ didn’t get mad. He got even.

After hearing that they’d just decided on what to call their new business, he quietly bought up the corresponding domain name.

Sehnaoui shared details of his retaliation online Wednesday. His tweet is now going viral.

“I had read about someone doing something similar so the idea was not totally original, but the occasion presented itself,” he told HuffPost on Saturday.

Sehnaoui described the group as “really loud and obnoxious,” adding they refused to “tone it down” when waiting staff asked them to.

“I could see the waiters were really annoyed but you know with a job on the line they can’t do much,” he told HuffPost. “So when they started high-fiving themselves about the perfect name, I remember the story I read and thought, ‘Why not give them a lesson?’”

Fellow tweeters appeared to appreciate his response:

Some tweeters suggested what he could do with his newly acquired website:

Another asked him to go to the next level and “shore up” all the company name’s social media handles too:

Sehnaoui, who describes himself as “a hacker at heart,” said he took measures to register the domain anonymously. “Though I could have done it without all that since a public loud conversation is not private and I would have had every right to register any domain I wanted,” he said.

He plans on releasing the domain soon “hoping that the lesson was well learned.” He refused to reveal its name, however, “because that would give them too much publicity.”

Addressing speculation that the tweet is a hoax, Sehnaoui assured HuffPost the incident had taken place. “When all is said and done, and whether people believe this happened or not, I think the lessons here are: Don’t be rude to wait staff ― don’t be overly loud in public spaces and respect others.”

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