This 'Rude' Cover Turns The Sexist Chart-Topper Into A Feminist Anthem

Magic!'s "Rude" kicked Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" from the throne atop the Billboard Hot 100, but the song has inspired more backlash than loving remakes.

"Rude" tells the dumb tale of a dude who asks for a dad's blessing to marry his daughter. The father says no and the narrator says, "I'm gonna marry her anyway." Since we live in a time and country where women don't need permission to do things, non-fans have taken to YouTube to promote anti-"Rude" covers. Earlier this week, Benji Cowart, a father of three, wrote a response from the father's point of view, which has been viewed over six million times.

Meanwhile, YouTuber Nicky Costabile turned the sexist song into a feminist anthem. Lyrics credited to Marisa DiFrisco say what we're all thinking: "I belong to no one for the rest of my life, say no, say no, is this a joke, say I decide my husband til the day I die but at this rate I'd rather have no one."