Rudy Accuses Hillary Of "Character Assassination"

Rudy Accuses Hillary Of "Character Assassination"

Mayor Rudy flipped his lid yesterday and not only accused Hillary of "character assassination" by questioning Gen. Petraeus during the hearings this week, but also incredulously tried to link her to the infamous MoveOn ad. "We believe, unlike Hillary Clinton, that General Petraeus is telling the truth," Giuliani, a man who has never even been to Iraq, said (Hillary's been there 3 times).

The MoveOn ad, which Rudy called "abominable," was followed up "in a very, very coincidental way" by Hillary's tough questioning of the General. "What I don't think should happen in political discourse is the kind of character assassination that participated in in calling him General Betray Us, that The New York Times gave them a discount to do and that Hillary Clinton followed up on with an attack on his integrity. It is time for Americans to really insist that American politicians move beyond character assassination and this is exactly what they attempted to do with General Petraeus."

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