'Producer Joe' Uses 'Liar' Sign To Bust Phony Michigan Homeless Vet, Then Does Something Amazing (VIDEO)

WATCH: Man Uses 'Liar' Sign To Bust Phony Homeless Vet, Then Does Something Amazing

A bogus homeless veteran has been run out of his moneymaking corner, thanks to a justice-seeking producer.

Since panhandling was declared a “constitutional right” last summer, a number of Michigan suburbs have become overrun with people begging for money and one local news station was determined to find out which, if any, are truly struggling in life.

So, WZZM13 reporters hit the streets and uncovered a number of phonies who have been telling flat-out lies, in order persuade generous passersby to give them donations.

One such faker is Rudy, a middle-aged man who holds a sign that reads “homeless vet,” but he never actually served, he admitted to the news outlet. When asked if he feels guilty about fooling donors and then spending his cash on liquor, he said he has a clear conscience.


“You got to make money somehow,” Rudy told WZZM. “It's better than robbing people and doing drugs as far as I'm concerned."

But when WGRD caught wind of the scandal, the radio producers there weren’t satisfied with the simple PSA the news outlet had aired. They decided to take matters into their own hands and force the con artist out of his corner.

Producer Joe joined Rudy at his busy intersection with a cardboard sign that read “LIAR” in big blocky red and yellow letters with an arrow pointing in the vet’s direction.

homeless vet

Rudy bolted from his corner once he spotted Joe (and even tried momentarily to get the police on his side), but soon after just rode off on his nice-looking mountain bike.

But Joe didn't stop there.

He set up his own fundraising mission at Rudy’s former stomping grounds the following day and collected $1,085 for Grand Rapids Home for Veterans, a home for vets that sits on 90 acres of land. The station pitched in too, bringing the total to $2,170.

We salute you, Joe.

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