Rudy Giuliani Can't Figure Out AirPods In Priceless Picture

Former New York City mayor is struggling with his tech.

Rudolph Giuliani was spotted at LaGuardia Airport on Tuesday by GOP strategist Rick Wilson, who posed for a picture with the former mayor of New York City.

It wasn’t long before people spotted something strange in the photo:

The former mayor ― who serves as cybersecurity adviser to President Donald Trump ― can’t quite seem to figure out how to wear his AirPods, or the wireless earbuds made by Apple. 

The AirPods are designed to point forward and down at an angle, fitting the natural shape of the ear, and wearing them was described by Recode in 2016 as “so easy to wear you’ll forget you have them on.” 

But they weren’t so easy for Giuliani, as Twitter users were quick to point out: