The Feds Seized Rudy Giuliani's Cellphone And Everyone Cracked The Same Jokes

Twitter users recalled a particular faux pas from Donald Trump's former personal attorney.

Rudy Giuliani’s cellphones and other electronic devices were seized by federal agents on Wednesday as part of the investigation into his business dealings in Ukraine.

And the raid on the Manhattan home and office of the former personal attorney to ex-President Donald Trump prompted plenty of people on Twitter to crack the same kind of gag about his inadvertent penchant for butt-dialing reporters.

In 2019, the former New York mayor ranted about then-Democratic hopeful Joe Biden and needing funds in recordings he accidentally left on the phone of NBC investigative reporter Rich Schapiro.

“Now he’ll have to butt-dial reporters on the landlines,” read a mocking post from “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.”