Ex-Aide: ‘Nervous’ Rudy Giuliani Has 1 Move Left As Target In Criminal Probe

The former New York City mayor "knows he lied" and has backed himself into a corner ahead of this week's grand jury appearance.

Rudy Giuliani, former New York City mayor and attorney for Donald Trump, is feeling the legal heat ― especially after being told this week that he’s the target of a criminal investigation in Georgia.

Former Giuliani spokesperson Ken Frydman predicted that his old boss was feeling “nervous” right about now.

“He knows the truth,” Frydman said on CNN on Tuesday. “He knows he lied to legislators. He knows that he concocted this false electors scheme. He knows he lied for his client. And he knows we all know. It’s clear.”

Frydman said Giuliani had just one move left.

“Delay, delay, delay. Kick the can down the road,” Frydman said. “At this point in his life, his goal is to die a free man.”

Giuliani may be running out of time. He is set to testify before a grand jury in Georgia on Wednesday in an investigation into interference during the 2020 election by Trump and those close to him.

Giuliani first claimed he was unable to travel due to health reasons, but a judge didn’t buy it and ordered him to show up.

See more of the CNN discussion below:

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