Rudy Giuliani: The Mafia Offered $800,000 To Kill Me (VIDEO)

As the U.S. attorney and mayor of one of the largest cities in the world, Rudy Giuliani made his share of enemies.

"I don't think anybody prosecuted more mafia members than I did," Giuliani recently said on "Oprah: Where Are They Now?" on OWN. "Certainly, no one sent them to prison for the lengthy periods of time than I did."

In the above clip, Giuliani talks about the organizations who threatened to kill him and how he reacted to the violence and intimidation.

"A contract was put out on me the first year that I was the mayor by the Sicilian mafia," Giuliani says. "They offered $800,000 to kill me. Then, toward the end of the time I was the mayor, a particular mafia guy who we convicted and put in jail for 100 years, put out a contract to kill me for $400,000. I kind of felt bad that I went down in value -- I started at 800, I went down to 400," he jokes.

"I didn't worry as much about the organized criminals," Giuliani says. "Now, when we start talking about Islamic extremist terrorism -- that worries me more, because they are suicidal. Part of why I didn't worry about the mafia was because there was a certain rationality to their kind of violence. This other kind of violence is completely irrational violence."

It's been 12 years since 9/11, and Giuliani says New York City is "fabulous." "Tourism set a record last year -- 50 million people," he says. "Fifty million, which shows you that even though we were attacked, even though there was threats of attacks, people know how to process it correctly. They realize it's a small, small risk in comparison to the wonderful things you can do here."

After serving as mayor for two terms, Giuliani says returning to private life has taken some adjustment. "When I first left being mayor, the first couple of times I heard sirens I would get up and thought I had to go," Giuliani says. "I got over that, but I've been so busy that I haven't had that much time to kind of miss being mayor."

Along with starting Giuliani Partners, which gives security advice to companies and governments on dealing with terrorism and crime, Giuliani says he's gone back to his first love. "I spend a good deal of time doing work as a lawyer, which my real abiding love, even more than politics," he says. "I enjoy being a lawyer -- it's the thing I did for 30 years, even before I ran for office."

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