Twitter Users Crack Up At Rudy Giuliani's Reaction To Manafort, Cohen Verdicts

One Twitter user thinks the Space Force figures into this.

Truth may not be truth to Rudy Giuliani, but funny is always funny to Twitter users.

And many of them were especially amused by the way he responded to New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman after Donald Trump associates Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen were both found guilty on the same day. 

The comment exacerbated Giuliani’s already adversarial relationship with things like facts since Cohen clearly told the court he worked “at the direction of a candidate for federal office” ― and it’s obvious that person isn’t Hillary Clinton.

Giuliani’s attempt to disconnect dots that already seem connected by a very thick Sharpie pen may have been a lost cause, but, what the hey, it gave Twitter users the opportunity to do what they do best: Pile on.

But one empathetic person did offer sound advice to Giuliani.



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