People Can’t Believe Rudy Giuliani’s Warning About Misinformation Isn’t A Comedy Bit

"This must be a parody account," one Twitter user hit back at the prominent peddler of Donald Trump's election fraud lies.

Twitter users greeted Rudy Giuliani’s warning about the dangers of misinformation with derision and disbelief.

Giuliani cautioned on Twitter this week that misinformation “has become a daily occurrence on social media platforms” that, if unaddressed, would “eventually lead to Jefferson’s worst nightmare of a poorly informed citizenry, which he saw as the greatest danger to democracy.”

People on Twitter pointed out that Giuliani, as Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, was a chief peddler of Trump’s lies that the 2020 election was marred by fraud and President Joe Biden didn’t really win. 

The falsehoods culminated in the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol riot by a violent mob of Trump supporters intent on overturning the election result. At a pre-riot rally, Giuliani called for “trial by combat.”

Others on Twitter reminded the former New York mayor of the $1.3 billion lawsuit he faces from Dominion Voting Systems, which accuses him of defaming the company with his election fraud falsehoods.

Many detractors mockingly suggested Giuliani’s post was a joke: