Giuliani Claims He's 'A Phenom' Who Can 'Outwork People Half My Age'

President Donald Trump's attorney, who has become a key figure in the escalating impeachment probe, says he's just fine amid questions over his "state of mind."

President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani ― infamous for his unhinged cable news interviews and claims of corruption against former Vice President Joe Biden which are as breathless as they are baseless ― apparently believes himself to be “a phenom.”

On Monday, New York Magazine published “A Reporter’s Guide to Texting With Rudy Giuliani” in which Olivia Nuzzi details what it’s really like to text with the 75-year-old former New York City mayor, a staunch ally of the president and a key figure in House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry.

The consensus among those who’ve tried? It’s not easy. And sometimes, it’s not even intentional.

In one notable instance last month, Giuliani butt-dialed NBC News’ Rich Schapiro, leaving him a three-minute message in which the lawyer was heard discussing a need for cash and his frustration with Biden, the Democratic presidential candidate who has emerged as Trump’s political foe.

In another case reported earlier this month, Salon’s Roger Sollenberger said Giuliani mistakenly texted him what seemed to be a password, brushing it off as an accident when alerted to the message.

When asked to comment on questions over his “state of mind,” Giuliani told Nuzzi ― while trashing her outlet ― that he’s more than capable of standing shoulder-to-shoulder with political heavyweights in Washington.

“I am a high functioning human being able to outwork people half my age,” he claimed. “Compared to Biden and [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi, I’m a phenom.”

Giuliani has come under fire in recent months for his involvement in Trump’s effort to push Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky into investigating Biden and his son based on unsubstantiated corruption accusations. In October, Giuliani defied a congressional subpoena for documents related to the matter, with his then-attorney Jon Sale claiming the request was “beyond the scope of legitimate inquiry.”

Twice this month Giuliani asserted that he has “insurance” if Trump throws him under the bus as impeachment proceedings escalate. However, on Saturday, he walked back the remark, claiming it was only “sarcastic.”

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