Rudy Giuliani Won't Apologize For Telling Stormy Daniels He Doesn't Respect Porn Stars

People who work in the porn industry deserve zero credibility, he said after Daniels filed another lawsuit.

Rudy Giuliani is doubling down on disparaging comments he made about the porn industry in an attempt to discredit adult film actress Stormy Daniels.

The former New York City mayor, who is now legal counsel to President Donald Trump, continued to attack Daniels on Thursday amid her lawsuits against Trump and his lawyer Michael Cohen.

“If you’re a [feminist] and you support the porn industry, you should turn in your credentials,” Giuliani told CNN’s Dana Bash. Bash pressed him on whether his point of view is “antiquated,” to which he responded: “I kind of like my view of it better.” He said porn is a “slimy business” that draws people looking to make money.

He came under fire Wednesday for using Daniels’ line of work to cast doubt on her motivations as she sues Trump over his attempt to cover up an alleged affair the two had in 2006.

Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, filed another lawsuit Wednesday alleging that her former lawyer Keith Davidson “colluded” with Cohen to get her to deny the affair on Fox News.

“So, Stormy, you want to bring a case, let me cross-examine you,” Giuliani said in response to the suit. “Because the business you were in entitles you to no degree of giving your credibility any weight. I’m sorry I don’t respect a porn star the way I respect a career woman or a woman of substance or a woman who ... isn’t going to sell her body for sexual exploitation.”

Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti called Giuliani a misogynist and an “absolute pig” for his comments. 

“He’s basically stating that women that engage in the adult film industry and other forms of pornography don’t have reputations and are not entitled to respect,” Avenatti said on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360.”

Giuliani opined on Daniels even though he joined Trump’s legal team to handle special counsel Robert Mueller’s inquiry into whether his presidential campaign colluded with Russia. He said during the same appearance Wednesday that he believes Mueller is trying to frame Trump.