Rudy Giuliani's Shameful MSNBC Appearance On Dallas Shooting

Someone over there also needs to tell Brian Williams that remaining mute while a former NYC mayor goes off on racist tangents about blacks to defend the police is not a good thing.
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As a friend said, NBC should just pay Williams his money and make him narrate Dateline or something. He has been terrible at being a breaking news anchor.

And someone over there also needs to tell Brian Williams that remaining mute while a former NYC mayor goes off on racist tangents about blacks to defend the police is not a good thing either.

Rudy Giuliani joined MSNBC Live, hosted by Brian Williams earlier today, and the former Republican presidential candidate was simply despicable throughout, blaming the Black Lives Matter movement for helping murder five people in Dallas as well as making other blacks hate the police so much that they will turn to violence against he men in blue.

Giuliani said this, "When you talk about Black Lives Matter, well you know, the black young boy who is killed by another black young boy is just as dead as a black young boy who was killed by the police officers."

WTF is he talking about? He's using the excuse of black-on-black crime to justify his complaints against BLM.

Crime is one thing, Rudy. That's what the police force is there to protect us from, not up the body count. When that happens, and the police are culpable, law enforcement needs to be held accountable too.

Just like everybody else in this country and it's not a crime to voice that opinion.

But when countless conservative politicians and pundits like Rudy apologize for all police violence, it creates the environment for protest actions to be born.

Then Giuliani firmly blamed Black Lives Matters for the heinous mass murder in Dallas last night.

"I think the reason there's a target on police officers backs is because of groups like Black Lives Matter. They make it seem like all police are against blacks."

No, Rudy, you cretinous jackass.

Americans have the right to voice their opinions and form protest groups. Especially when they feel an injustice has taken place, repeatedly.

In this case, African Americans have a right to show their frustration about police brutality, especially when there's video evidence that civilians are gunned down by police officers for doing nothing at all.

Yesterday afternoon the nation was once more reeling from news of police officers shooting black men, one in deep south big city Louisiana and one in the upper midwest suburban Minnesota. These two cases are a little bit different from the ones we've dealt with in the recent past in that both men were legally armed but from what we could tell were not threatening the police. Louisiana, where Alton Sterling was shot point blank while on the ground in police custody, is an open carry state meaning that anyone is allowed to have a gun on their person in public with no questions asked. Minnesota, is a concealed carry state and the other victim, Philando Castile, was shot after telling the officer that he was licensed and armed.

Williams for his part, sat like a stone statue throughout the segment and let this babbling fool blame blacks for being murdered by law enforcement and then criticized the groups that are outraged by that violence.

The only time Williams uttered a word in this segment I cut was when he mentioned that Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton said he didn't believe Philando Castile would have been killed if he was white.

This riled Rudy up to the point where he became indignant of Gov. Dayton and said, "That's a heck of an assumption, though and not appropriate by the governor."

No it isn't you pompous fool.

What's not appropriate is MSNBC giving you an uninterrupted platform to voice your thoughtless, hateful and racist ideas.

But he didn't stop there.

Rudy continued, "white people get killed also by police officers in the United States."

Wow, they certainly do, Rudy. What a poignant opinion to have.

He then listed a litany of terrible white groups like the mafia and Russia crime syndicates that get shot by the police. Clearly, if anybody is supposed to get shot, it's hardened criminals, not innocent civilians, you moron.

Brian, are you awake? Hello, anybody home!

Rudy continued on by making bogus analogies that aren't pertinent to the recent tragedies and said, "a confrontation with the police is an inherently dangerous situation, whether you're white or black. If you resist, a police officer is immediately going to become concerned for his own life."

Absolutely, Rudy, but where did Alton Sterling and Philando Castile resist?

"When a police officer tells you something, do what he says. it doesn't matter if you're white or black."

When a police officer has his gun drawn and pointing at you, that's great advice, but Giuliani is stumping for a fascist police state, where citizens are supposed to subjugate their will to a uniform, in every situation. That's not what America's democracy stands for.

Rudy says he does want to prosecute all those officers, "beyond a reasonable doubt" that are guilty, but have you ever seen him come on TV to discuss a case like that on?

And he believes we must teach our black children that the police are the ones actually saving their lives! Kudos!!!

Then he goes to a place where no man should go.

Giuliani said, "because the real danger to you is that black kid is going to shoot you on the street cause that happens many, many more times than police officers.

Again, the police are supposed to protect people, not execute them.

This isn't a math quiz, Rudy.

My God. That's your reasoning? My cops don't kill as many blacks as criminals do so it's all good.

Isn't one too damn many?

What an embarrassing moment for Rudy, MSNBC and our national discourse.

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