Rufus Wainwright, 'Out Of The Game': New Video Stars Helena Bonham Carter As Naughty Librarian

WATCH: Rufus Wainwright & Helena Bonham Carter Get Naughty

Rufus Wainwright has teamed up with Helena Bonham Carter in the music video for his latest single "Out of the Game," off his upcoming album of the same name.

The actress, showing off her impeccable lip-syncing skills, plays a straight-laced librarian driven into a lustful frenzy by Wainwright's multiple impassioned personas. Needless to say, the two behave very badly in the stacks.

Explaining the video, Wainwright recently told The Sun, “It features the two of us being naughty in the library."

"We have been friends for years," he added. "Not only is she very beautiful, very glamorous, but she is also incredibly funny. At the end of the video, she is basically wearing a bra. So I very much appreciate her friendship for furthering my career."

Bonham Carter wasn't the only one of Wainwright's friends to help further his career. "Out of the Game" -- among other tracks off the album -- was produced by British hit-maker Mark Ronson, and in an interview with Music Week, Wainwright opened up about working with Ronson on his "most pop album to date," saying, "We kind of fell in love with each other."

"There's a real attraction between Mark and I, which is a little harder for me being gay," Wainwright said. "I have to battle with it. Whether it's the Beatles or the Stones or Eurhythmics, there's an unrequited sexual, romantic energy in the studio -- and it becomes volatile if not dealt with."

Out Of The Game, Wainwright's seventh studio album, hits shelves on May 1.

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