'Rugrats' In Real Life: Casting The Nickelodeon Cartoon (PHOTOS)

Though just babies, Tommy Pickles and his toddling gang stood tall over the world cartoons, ringing in a new era for what had become a staid medium for the art.

As part of Nickelodeon's initial Nicktoons block, the show chronicled the misadventures of the brave leader Tommy, his slightly older and wildly nervous best friend Chucky, fearless twins Phil and Lil and Tommy's mean older cousin, Angelica. While their missions were often borne of misunderstanding of adult language or naivety toward a still-fresh life, the obstacles they faced and lessons they learned were truly microcosms for the greater world: acceptance over bigotry and hatred, peacefully co-existing, aging and change, and most of all, the power of friendship.

Now, cartoons are some of the most important shows out there, with "South Park," "King of the Hill" and a whole plethora of others leading the way in social commentary. But first, there was Rugrats.

A massive franchise that spawned movies both on television and film, the show never made the transition to real life. But with the recent rash of big screen adaptations of classic cartoons, we think it's the perfect time to make this happen. Here are our suggestions for a real life edition of "The Rugrats." In the comments, tell us what you think.


'Rugrats' In Real Life: Casting The Cartoon