7 Rules For Fun And Consensual Sex, Courtesy Of Planned Parenthood

"Silence does NOT equal consent."

A new video series from Planned Parenthood is illustrating just how sexy consent is.

Published on Sept. 21, the four videos created by Planned Parenthood discuss consent and how integral it is in healthy hook ups and relationships. The videos cover topics including the definition of consent, and the signals to look out for when your partner is just not into it.

“Consent means both parties are really, truly into what’s going on," the narrator says in the video above. "This means that’s nobody’s being guilted or pressured into doing anything.”

According to Planned Parenthood, here are a few things to keep in mind to make sure you're being safe and consensual when doing all the fun stuff:

1. Communication is key.

2. Take in all the signals they're sending. If your partner looks uncomfortable it's because she/he/they are.

3. If you want to go further with your partner don't forget to check in by saying "Can I take your shirt off," or "Want to move this to the bedroom?"

4. Everyone has the right to say no in any situation.

5. "Saying 'yes' to sex once doesn’t mean you’re saying 'yes' to sex forever," the narrator says in the above video.

6. Be honest with your partner. Tell them whether or not you’re on birth control, have an STD or having sex with other people.

7. No drunk person can consent to sex. Period.

"Sex is all about connections and pleasure," the narrator says. "So if everyone feels respected sex will be a lot better for both parties."

Watch another video from the series below about how to tell when someone's just not into it:

“All this consent stuff really isn't that complicated," the narrator says in the above video. "Just pay attention to your partner’s feelings and respect their limits.” Preach.


Head over to YouTube to watch the other two videos from Planned Parenthood's "Consent 101" series.

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