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Here's Why You Should Adopt The Rum & Tonic As Your Summer Drink

Trust us.

Gin and tonic is a classic drink order, one with which you can't go wrong. But guys, it's getting a little tired. We're all for having a go-to drink, but sometimes you have to mix things up. And the gin and tonic is in desperate need of a makeover. Sure, it's great the way the assertive flavors of the tonic highlight the equally assertive flavors of the gin. The two come together and sing their boldness in unison. But there are times when we don't want bold. Sometimes, we want sultry. Sometimes, we want mellow. And those are the times when we turn to rum. Yes, rum.

We're not the first ones to try to take gin out of the tonic game and swap in a little rum. In 2007, The Washington Post suggested it. A little while later, Food & Wine published a recipe for the drink. But we're getting the feeling that the word hasn't really spread -- mostly because any time we suggest a rum and tonic, we get strange and perplexed looks -- so we're starting a new campaign, with the hopes that people will finally see what a great pair rum and tonic make.

At first, the idea of combining the flavors of rum with tonic in one, tall glass seems like a terrible decision, we know. They're opposites. They can't possibly get along, right? Wrong. Rum and tonic make fast friends when accompanied with ice and lime -- and their harmony comes across with the first sip. But don't take our word for it, see for yourself.

The recipe for a rum and tonic is stupid simple. Make a gin and tonic, but use rum in place of gin (a 2:3 ratio is pretty good here). Don't forget the lime. Great rums like sipping rums really shine in this drink, but even a middle-range choice like Brugal Anejo (a personal favorite) works nicely. Opting for dark or light rum is up to you, though we are partial to the color dark rum turns when lightened up with tonic. It's like sunshine in a glass -- a perfect drink to sip on during the long evenings of summer.

If you'd prefer a traditional rum and tonic recipe, let Food & Wine show you how it's done. However you do it, just make sure rum gets a shot with tonic. You'll thank us for it later, we just know it.

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