Run, Senator Warren, Run!

Senator Elizabeth Warren, Reluctant Presidential Candidate?

Anyone who is anybody with any ambition or pretension to become the US Commander-in-Chief in 2016 and, thereby, become the de facto leader of the Free World, is exploring the American voters' temperature as well as the American money landscape.

Who is going to inspire the majority of Americans in 2016?

About six years ago the majority of Americans were inspired by a first term senator from Chicago by the name of Barack Hussein Obama who happened to be African-American. The people trusted him and, after 4 years, gave him a second term as well. For those who believe that there is a God who controls humans' destiny, they will say that since "All (righteous) Authority is of God", then God chose Obama for America for this particular time period in American history. As President Obama's second and last term draws to a close, like him or hate him, all Americans of good will and honest souls would say that this president has delivered the US from sure economic collapse; and, he has also delivered on almost all of his major promises, which have led to answering with an emphatic "yes!" that Ronald Regan question "are you better off today than" six years ago when Obama became president? in spite of sworn suicidal opposition from republicans.

But now, as we contemplate those individuals daring enough to throw their hats in the presidential ring, pending on "who would be chosen by God", one name that is reluctant to join the battle is Massachusetts' Senator Elizabeth Warren.

While some leftist organizations such as, Democracy for America, and New York's Working Families, and others, are putting out declarations and campaigns in order to get Senator Warren to run for president, even as of this Sunday, February 8, 2015, her spokeswoman, Lacey Rose, is quoted as writing that "As Senator Warren has said many times, she is not running for president and doesn't support these draft campaigns."

Even then, we say, or, rather, we shout, "RUN, SENATOR WARREN, RUN!"

Yes, we know, she says "no"; but, so did Moses when God met this 80 years old around Mount Sinai near Ancient Egypt and ordered him to go tell Pharaoh, "Let my people go!" Moses not only asked God to go find someone else, but he found any and every excuse he could come up with in order to get out of the assignment. Yet, at the end, he was the one who, indeed, got the children of Israel freed from bondage and led them for another 40 years.

Yes, we know that Senator Warren says "no"; but, so, too, did the young Hebrew woman named Hadassah who became Queen Esther in the courts of Persian King Ahasuerus after the dethroning of Queen Vashti. Queen Esther was reluctant to go and appear before the king, her husband, to plead for the lives of her people who were going to be exterminated in a plot cooked up by their hater, an official named Haman. Esther's uncle, Mordecai, sent her a message saying, "How do you know if you were not born for a time like this?" Indeed, Queen Esther was, indeed, born for that time so that she eventually appealed to the king and saved her people; an act that is even celebrated today as Purim.

Meditate on this question from Mordecai, Senator Warren. Esther understood its historical importance, she took the chance, and she saved her people. And, remember, Senator, that "Vox populi, vox Dei!" (The voice of the people is the voice of God).

You are already a people's servant. You are, now, a US senator. What is going to keep you from seeking the presidency, which is just a grueling but rewarding campaign step upward from where you are already, a position from which you can serve the people even better and on a larger scale?

Like the African Cheetah, Run, Senator Warren, Run (Photo cr.:

You are the CHEETAH of the African savannas, for you have the grace, the chemistry, the dignity, the in-built mesmerizing persona that demands and commands respect and that exudes clear-spring self-assurance. This is why you must run!

As we look at the existing landscape of candidates, none of them has your countenance which inspires and galvanizes. You have a soul that delivers sincerity, honesty, and clarity, and that exhibits both the intellect and the politics that seek the good of the whole in a straight-forward manner with no hidden agendas and no attempt to deceive. This is why you must run!

It is not about you, Senator Warren, as Queen Esther and Moses came to realize and to understand. It is about the people. In this case, it is about the American people. Again, Vox populi, Vox Dei. This is why you must run!

The American people, who, in the majority, voted for Obama, know that the work Obama started has not been completed, as you, Senator Warren, have stated it many times. Thus, ALL Americans who care about the good of the WHOLE will support and vote for you, in the majority. This is why you must run!

Just like the outgoing president, we believe, Senator Warren, that you were born for this time! For these presidential elections! For a time like this!

So we say and repeat, we urge you: RUN, SENATOR WARREN, RUN!