Runaway Saw Blade Rolls Down Highway, Slices Truck, Narrowly Misses Driver

Runaway Saw Blade Slices Into Truck, Barely Misses Driver

That's gonna leave a mark.

A man in China narrowly survived a bizarre incident last week in which a giant circular saw blade fell off the back of a truck on the Chongqing-Guizhou Expressway, then cut a deep gash into his vehicle, narrowly missing him.

The man, identified by The Telegraph only as "Mr. Xiang," said he heard a crash when a truck in the opposite lane lost control, dislodging its cargo of several poorly secured circular saw blades that were 5 feet in diameter. One of those blades rolled onto the highway past a bush on the median, picking up speed as it barreled toward Xiang's truck.

"I just heard a 'bang' and then I saw all the white smoke in front of me," Xiang recalled to The Shanghaiist after the June 17 incident. "I almost lost control of my car."

The runaway blade diced about 20 inches through the hood of Xiang's truck and lodged itself in the engine, perilously close to the driver's seat. Police told the South China Morning Post the other driver didn't realize the saw blade had been dislodged and caused an accident.

Thankfully, Xiang was unhurt in the accident, albeit quite shaken.

© Imaginechina/Corbis
© Imaginechina/Corbis
© Imaginechina/Corbis

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