Man Threatens Parents, Children With Running Chainsaw (RAW VIDEO)

A man in Canada was arrested after video captured him terrifying a family with a running chainsaw in a road rage incident.

The Quebec man, an unidentified 37-year-old, was arrested Monday morning after Karine Cyr posted video of the chainsaw-wielding man to Facebook Sunday evening. She was in the car with her husband and their two children at the time, CBC Montreal reports.

The suspect had been driving erratically and cut the family off when Cyr's husband, Alexandre Hermenier, decided to follow the man to get his license information. That's when the aggressor left his vehicle and approached the family with the revved up weapon.

"In the heat of the moment, I kept filming....As a mother, I got very angry. I said, 'Before threatening my children, come and see me,'" Cyr told CBC.

Video shows the suspect revving his chainsaw just inches away from the family's car window, cursing as children can be heard screaming and crying inside.

The suspect faces charges of armed aggression, according to Fox News.

"It was a terrifying situation," Hermenier told CBC. He added that he regrets having followed the driver.

“I said to myself: ‘I absolutely have to follow him, he has to be arrested,’" Hermenier told TVA Nouvelles. “It wasn’t the most intelligent move. I should have left it to police, but I was driven by my emotions.”