The 5 Running Essentials You Need To Train For Your First 5K

The basics that runners old and new swear by.
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So you’re training for your first 5K and need some new gear? If you’re like me, when you start a new fitness routine you overdo it on the initial shopping spree, preparing for any potential situation you think you’ll run into. Really, though, all you need are some basic essentials to get started.

To get yourself prepped for the 3.1 miles, start slowly and work your way up. It’s a mantra that works not for tackling the miles ahead of you, but for pacing yourself on buying more advanced running gear.

If you’re training for your first-ever 5K, you don’t necessarily need a $200 fitness tracking watch, when instead an app like Map My Run and a cheap $40 phone armband will do just fine. You might not need 80 pairs of the same running tights (#guilty), but you definitely need to get fitted for a comfortable running shoe. Think of it as needs versus wants.

It can be easy to go a bit overboard on the pre-run shopping, but we’re here to simplify your search for only the essentials that runners both old and new swear by to make their runs the best yet.

Slay your first 5K with these five running essentials:

Compression Socks
Knee injuries are so common among beginner runners, therefore, help prevent or treat them with these compression socks from ACE. They're designed to provide a comfortable, even compression and have dual-stretch power knit material for extra comfort.
Wicking Socks
Let's face it, your feet get sweaty when you run. But that's probably because you're not wearing the right socks. Invest in a few good pair of wicking socks like these from Thirty 48. They're affordable, have extra padding, and are designed to keep moisture away.
Running Storage
Getting a FlipBelt changed my running game entirely to the point where I can't believe I carried my phone in my hand for so long. It comfortably sits on my hips, holds my keys, phone, chapstick, some tissues for cold-weather running, AND their ergonomic water bottle. It's a runner's storage magic.
Wireless Headphones
There's probably nothing more distracting than toggling with headphone wires during a run. Cut that unnecessary stress out of your life with these wireless headphones that are meant to stay in place during a rigorous workout. They have reflective cable for night visibility, a built-in microphone, and are sweat-proof resistant.
Muscle Roller
Recovery is key after every run. I get shin splints pretty easily and using a muscle roller before and after every run on my legs helps prevent any muscle injury.

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